Event Info

Fri Sep 30
8am – Walk start in Vegueta

Sat Oct 1
9am – Day 2 walk starts in Cruz de Tejeda

Sun Oct 2 
8am – Day 3 walk starts in Santa Lucia
12 noon – Fataga church (The Last Leg)
5pm – Parque Sur (Caminata Maspalomas)
7pm – Faro de Maspalomas (The Big Picture)

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The Long Walk route 2022

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General Information

Join us for one, two or three days

Or just join us for The Last Leg (half day) or the Caminata Maspalomas (last 6km) on Sunday 2 October



Photocall at 07:30 – START 8am (sunrise) – Finish 7pm (before sunset!) 

We start in the origins of the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in the Vegueta old quarter on the banks of the Barranco Guineguada, at 7am, ready to walk at first light, heading inland to the foothills of an area known as Las Vegas, past the historic town of Santa Brígida before stopping for lunch, and then continuing up the ravine past La Lagunas and finishing with a steep hill climb in Cruz de Tejeda by about 6pm.

It’s a beautiful walk past some of the earliest colonial towns on the island, as we head back in time towards the pre-hispanic pathways that crisscross this island, and which acted once as the primary Canario highways between the various populations who have inhabited this island for millennia.

Mostly gentle inclines with a steep climb at the end, to total 1500+m altitude gain, over 30km




Breakfast 8am – START 9am – Summit 1pm – Finish – 5pm

A shorter walk on Saturday from Cruz de Tejeda to Santa Lucia. We start at 9am and will finish by 5pm.

Walking the old Camino Reales (Royal Paths) through some of the most epic sub-tropical wilderness in the world, our walkers get to enjoy being right in the heart of Las Cumbres (the summits) in all their glory, with unparalleled views out across the Caldera de Tejeda, a vast and ancient volcanic crater, as we pass the iconic monoliths of Bentayga and El Roque Nublo.

We head to the highest point, for our traditional toast to eat our packed lunches before heading down the other side towards our night 2 accommodation in the beautiful Casco de Santa Lucia



Breakfast 7am – Start 8am – Fataga (The Last Leg) 12noon –
Parque Sur (Caminata Maspalomas) 5pm –

Hospital San Roque 6pm – RIU Palace Meloneras 6.30pm – 
Faro de Maspalomas Lighthouse – 7pm for The Big Picture.

The final stretch crosses through the beautiful Tirajana valley from Santa Lucia, heading to Maspalomas.  From our day two accommodation we cross the Barranco de Tirajana, and then climb up over a ridge into Fataga, where we hope to meet any half-day walkers joining us for The Last Leg (20km from Fataga to Maspalomas)

By 5pm we should all have arrived at the Parque Sur Maspalomas, where we will be joined by a large crowd participating in the Caminata Maspalomas, walking us the final stretch towards the Faro de Maspalomas lighthouse, where we expect to arrive by 7pm. There we will all partake in the final act of the event The Big Picture, an image of solidarity, just before sunset.


The Last Leg / Caminata Maspalomas (ACCM)


If you can’t joins us for one day or the whole walk, come along for The Last Leg, a 20km walk from Fataga to the sea – 25€.

Or just join us for the Caminata Maspalomas. A 6km from Parque del Sur to the RIU Maspalomas. 12€ and you get a an amazing Long Walk t-shirt. All funds from the Caminata Maspalomas go to the Canarian Breast Cancer Charity the ACCM.

Thank You To Our Partners

Muchísimas gracias a nuestros colaboradores


Full List of Events 

Registration opens - June 1st

You can now sign up to join the prestigious Long Walkers club and help raise money for local charities in Gran Canaria!


Training walks - July 1st to September 30th

Every weekend we will do a nice walk in the mountains to prepare for The Long Walk. Join our WhatsApp group to keep up to date – +34 643 276 724

Registration closes - Sept 23rd

To give us time to finalise transport, accommodation and the support team, registration closes one week before the walk start.

Day 1 - The Long Walk - Sept 30th

At 8am on Friday September 30th  our intrepid Long Walkers and Day Walkers begin the ascent to the top of Gran Canaria.

Day 2 - The Long Walk - Oct 1st

Shortly after breakfast, our Long Walkers and Weekend Walkers begin the trek across the top of Gran Canaria to Santa Lucia.

Day 3 - The Long Walk - Oct 2nd

After a morning dip in the pool, our Long Walkers and Weekend Walkers begin the descent to Maspalomas.

Day 3 - The Last Leg - 12 noon - Oct 2nd

A 20km half day walk from Fataga Church to Maspalomas

Caminata Maspalomas - 5pm - Oct 2nd

At 5pm our Long Walkers will be joined by the Last Leggers who will accompany our intrepid travellers on the last 6km of their journey. All money raised on the Caminata Maspalomas goes to the ACCM.

The Last Mile / Big Picture - 7pm - Oct 2nd

Champagne out. Our tired walkers will reach the final destination at the Faro de Maspalomas lighthouse, ready for The Big Picture. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration / Sponsorship

What is the latest date for registration?

The earlier the better so we can organise. We ask that you register and pay your Walk Sponsorship no later than September 9th, this gives you at least 3 weeks of fundraising, but of course the earlier you are committed, the more time you’ll have to tell the world about your epic intentions.

Day Tripper registrations will be accepted for the One Day Walk (Friday Sept 30) no later than September 25

How do I register?

Just go to the Join Us page and fill in the form?

We need to get your full details as soon as possible, and we ask that everyone (particularly if this is your first time joining us) comes on 2 or more half day training walks.  Contact us for more details

Do I have to pass a fitness test?

If you are unsure if you can do the walk please join us on a training walk and we can help you to asses.  In our experience most people are quite capable of doing the walk, once they set their mind to it, but of course every body is different, and so we need you to listen to yours and help us to figure out what is the best way to get you over that mountain in triumph

No matter who you are, nor what your fitness levels: This Will Hurt.  Your commitment is key to your success.

Join our WhatsApp group and we’ll tell you when the training walks are  – +34 643 276 724

How much does it cost?

Day Tripper – One Day – 50€

Weekender – Two days – 150€

The Long Walk – Three days – 250€

Walk sponsorship pays for insurance, organisation, support team, support vehicle, accommodation and anything else that might be needed to ensure we have a safe, successful event.

Your walk sponsorship is not a donation, some people pay it themselves, others raise it from one or more businesses, or friends; it is this that then facilitates you as a fundraiser to ask for donations in support of the epic effort you are about to undertake.  Once we have your walk sponsorship confirmed then we create you an official fundraising page which we ask you to share out to as many people as possible to tell our story, and ask for their support.  100% of all public donations raised in this way goes to charities we support and we encourage everyone to raise as much money as they can.

What help will you give raising money?

We will set you up with an official personalised donation page on The Long Walk website once you have completed your registration, where you can collect donations in support of your Epic Challenge.

As well as this, anyone can create a fundraiser for us using our Facebook facility.  As a registered and authorised not-for-profit charitable association, facebook covers any fees whenever your friends, family or contacts donate there, and if you are a registered walker, we will manually add any money raised through one of those fundraisers to your overall total collected.

We encourage you to get creative in giving people reasons to support you.  Not only will this be a huge challenge, 3-days, rough terrain, coast-to-coast, over the highest peak on Gran Canaria, but you can also suggest people sponsor you per km walked, or for wearing a costume or branded clothing, or they could donate money for you to do some sections backwards, or just in your bra, or silly hats, just in a jock strap… there really is no limit to how silly you can make the challenge, just so long as it can be done safely and without hampering any of the other walkers in the quest to cross the mountain.  As us if you’d like some more ideas, and check in with us if you have any really silly ideas so we can help you get it done effectively and safely.

Remember fundraising starts with the word FUN.

Health & Training

Is the walk easy?

This Will Hurt.  How much, will depend on how much training you put in.  You need to get your body ready for some endurance.

We cover an average of 80-90km over the whole event, and by day two it can start to get quite tough, as your body begins to tire, your joints will really start to feel each step, especially when we begin to descend from the summits. By day three you will already know if you have done enough preparation or not.  Either way, without permanently harming yourself, it will be down to your own commitment to completing the challenge, depending as much on your mental preparations as it does your physical abilities and preparedness.

This is not an easy walk and you will need to prepare but most people, in our experience, are capable of doing it.  Our most senior walker has been well over 80 years of age (actually we couldn’t catch him!), our largest walker has been well over 22 stone (140kg), we have included walkers with registered physical disabilities, as well as first time walkers, and even dog walkers.

Our whole message is: You Can Do This.  But.  Not everyone is always fully prepared, so listen to your body, work with us, and try your best; we will do everything we can to support you, and get you there safely.

If you would prefer an easy walk, please join us for the Caminata Maspalomas, from Parque Sur at 5pm on Sunday October 2

What training do you recommend?

Start with about one hour of brisk walking, and then add ten minutes extra every day. Or add one hour every week. Within 6 weeks you will have a very good idea, near enough, of what it is like to walk for a full day.  You need mentally prepare yourself to carry on walking, climbing hills, and descending slopes for extended periods, and the best way to do that is to physically prepare your body for long periods on foot. 

Training for going down hill is perhaps as important, if not more important, than training to go up, everyone who comes to this recognises that by the third day.  Remember to stretch, properly, for a minimum of ten minutes every day.  If you would like us to show you all of our best stretches just ask and will happily take you through a full stretching session.

We recommend you start getting your body ready, on a daily basis, with plenty of stretching, as early as you can.  That is the best way to ensure you do not suffer unnecessarily out on the trail.


How do I join the training walks?

Join our WhatsApp group to find out more about training sessions – +34 643 276 724

We do a minimum of one half day walk every weekend in the 6 weeks prior to the event, and often more walks during the week.  We recommend you walk everywhere you can to help boost your training.

What is the maximum age

There is no maximum age.  Our oldest walker so far was 82 years old (though fit as a fiddle and an experienced walker). However if you are worried it might be too much please ask your doctor beforehand, come out on some training walks with us, and we can help you assess your capabilities. 

This isn’t for absolutely everyone, not everyone makes it to the end, but there are parts that everyone can do, and for us cheerleaders and FUNdraisers are just as vital to our project as walkers. 

Whether you do the last 6km with us, or walk The Last Leg (half day), or do a full day, a weekend or the entire 3 days of The Long Walk, we want you to make a big noise and tell people that #WeCrossMountains to inspire people facing all sorts of challenges, and that age is not really a factor, so much as attitude and your willingness to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Walk Info

Do I have to walk the whole way?

We have a support car that meets us at regular intervals, and a great team, so we are confident, with the right planning, we can get you through it, but we want all participants to be aware of themselves, and if you have any doubts to check first with your doctor before committing.

If you don’t want to do the full 3 days, don’t worry, plenty of people join us for half days or just small sections, our aim is to keep you safe and have you be part of our core message: that crossing a mountain may be difficult, but it starts with putting one foot in front of the other, and being aware of your body and its limitations, but if you keep going you will get there.  This is not a race, your competition is the mountain, and yourself.

I don't think I can walk. How else can I help?

Anyone who feels they may not be suited to the entire challenge can still play a vital role cheerleading, fundraising, helping with support and spreading the word. (We love cheerleaders, the more vocal the better, but all support is vital to getting us through this)

You can donate directly, you can help with the food, transport, logistics or please just spread the word and let as many people as you can know about us

Our message is simple: Together, one step at a time, #WeCrossMountains

Accomodation & Transport

Can I have a room to myself?

For the purposes of logistics and cost saving we organise shared accommodations for the duration of the walk, of course you can have your own bed, and it is pretty flexible who you share a room with, we organise as we go.

But Yes it is usually possible for you to have your own private room if that is what you require. It will cost a little extra and will be subject to availability, so please contact us if that is something you would like to explore, or with any other questions you may have.

What transport is included?

Day Tripper – One day walker – Cruz de Tejeda back to starting point (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

Weekender – From the South (Faro de Maspalomas) to Cruz de Tejeda / Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The Long Walker – From the South to the start point (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

*This requires special arrangements so we need to know as early as possible to be able to confirm your transport

Are all meals included?

We organise a light lunch for the half way mark on Day 1 for everyone including the Day Trippers
For everyone accommodated with us for one night or more, we also include Dinner and Breakfast and they are pretty tasty too.

That means anyone walking more than one day is expected to organise their own packed lunches, and other energy boosting snacks and trail mix along the way.  We also carry a first aid kit and plenty of water in the support vehicle.

Join The Long Walk

Join us for 1,2 or 3 days, enjoy the mountains of Gran Canaria surrounded by amazing company whilst you support important local causes on our island.