Save The Food Project

This year all of our efforts will go towards the
Proyecto Vecinal de Alimentos de Mogán Nabohjelpen
Helping The Helpers

The 100% volunteer-run food distribution project for families in need on the south of Gran Canaria.

The Food Project have been running since the 2008 financial crises, with the support of the European Food Bank and the Food Bank of Las Palmas

They feed more than 100 families every week, nearly 500 people currently

They receive no assistance from their local town hall, and have to rent a private building, but are seeking public funds to be able to continue their work

Causes we have previously funded include...


Asociación Canaria del Cáncer de Mama

A Canarian charity that helps women with breast cancer and their families.

More than €100,000 donated

Over the last decade The Long Walk and our supporters have directly funded the ACCM with donations totalling more than €100,000, and helping to support other events that have raised many tens of thousands of euros more to support this Las Palmas based grass-roots cancer charity.

Fundación Foresta

Fundación Foresta para la reforestación

The Canarian charity that regenerates, and maintains the native forests of Gran Canaria.

More than 500 trees funded

Following the fires of 2019 The Long Walk started to create a small side fund for replanting of trees resulting in our first planting expedition, to lay the groundwork for The Long Walk Woodland reserve, planting our first 100 trees by the end of the year.  We joined Hospitales San Roque with tree planting in Firgas in 2022 and hope to organise further day trips on the summits of Gran Canaria in 2023 & 2024

Join The Long Walk

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