Edward Timon – Walking Coast to Coast – San Felipe-Maspalomas …over the highest mountain…

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“Gis yer dosh!  Help me raise a mountain of love we can all clamber over in whimsical frolic!  Or at the very least help me pass the word on, share the tits off this will you?”

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I am pretty passionate about The Long Walk.  Not only has it saved my life more than once, it has introduced me to some of the most inspirational, excellent people and ideas I am ever likely to encounter during this brief encounter we call life.

The Long Walk has taught me more about what we can do than I ever thought possible, and it has brought together a wide range of extraordinary individuals and institutions to become one of the things I am proudest to be associated with.

I am deeply humbled that you´re all going to let me do another one…

It all began…at THE PUB”