Robbie & Leo – Walking The Long Walk 2019 – 3 days Coast-to-Coast over Gran Canaria

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Robbie Mcmillen is 36 years young and from Dublin Ireland
Famed for his work as Compere host and genesis taker in Dicey Reillys bar in Puerto Rico
He’s been on this beautiful island for 8 years now and loves it

I think I can safely say I’ll be the first 19 stone gob shite to do this walk with very little training since my 14 birthday.when I only just passed gym in school?I will give it my all?it’s for a good cause

Leo is  49 and a rather astounding hypnotist by trade as well as a fully qualified Hypnotherapist.

He left school and worked as a painter and decorator until he turned 30 and moved to Ibiza where he worked as a podium dancer for likes of Judge Jules, Dave Pearce and Manumission.

After 6 months he returned to UK and got a job at a nightclub called Jumpin Jaks and after 2 weeks moved to Middlesborough as assistant Entertainments manager and then spent 3 years in Coventry for the flagship Jaks.

In 2005 he moved abroad with Thompson working in Mallorca, Lanzarote, costa del sol and somehow ended up on the beautiful island of Gran Canaria where he found love with a singer from garbos and moved to Sweden then Thailand.

In 2007 they moved back and this year started working with young Robbie McMillan in the famous Dicey Riellys bar where they put together an Ant & Dec style comedy show with hypnotism.

Together me and Robbie are doing the long walk for a charity. One of the charities the event supports breast cancer sufferers which as im sure for many people really hits home. Both my mum and dad had cancer so anything I can do to help raise money for this cause I will do. So please sponsor me and Robbie as we get ready for The Long Walk 2019