Secret Source & The House raising money for The Long Walk 2019

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are a Las Palmas business who supply Blue Chip companies and world renowned organisations with second-to-none IT resources, teams and project management.

Employing technologists, designers and programmers from around the world they deliver a range of services including bespoke apps, web site technologies and various intricately planned and executed systems deployments for global brands and local businesses alike.  They are based in Las Palmas and have found themselves benefiting from this islands unique positioning as a global tech hub, and the recent rise in Digital Nomads who travel the world and work from their laptops and shared co-working spaces.  They also have their own co-working space in the heart of the capital.

Last year the founder and visionary behind Secret Source, Richard, decided he wanted to give his more than 20 staff an opportunity to do more than just work on company business, and to show them that, to him, investment in community and in people was every bit as important as getting paid for a job well done; so having followed our endeavours on The Long Walk for several years he got his whole team to accompany us walking up the mountain to our first night base camp, 1000m above sea level, just outside the ancient settlement of Tenteniguada, to help raise some extra funds and to see us well on our way.

Not only did Richard offer them this day away from their usual work, but he also said that if they could raise 50€ or more each, that he would match it out of his own pocket!

What an extraordinary group of individuals.  We welcome them to The Long Walk.

This year we are very proud to be joined by Richard the the Secret Source team once again, who will be holding a fundraising event on Friday September 27 2019, and hope you will support them in their epic effort to support Women, Fighters, Survivors & Families in Need.

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