The Long Walk Gran Canaria is an annual 3-day Coast-to-Coast walk over the highest point on the beautiful sub-tropical island of Gran Canaria.

It started as part of the fundraising activities of The Canary News, English language newspaper, following the huge collaboration and support of the English speaking community on Gran Canaria successfully raised several thousand euros for local Canarian Breast Cancer Association the ACCM back in 2011.

In September 2012, ahead of Breast Cancer Awareness month, a small group of adventurers, led by the Editor of the paper, left Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria attempting to walk all the way to the iconic monolith, in the middle of the island, known as Roque Nublo, following a fun walk raising money for the charity which had to a rash promise to try something much more challenging.  Two people made it to the top, Sanna Nevalainen & Edward Timon, becoming the first Long Walkers despite very little preparation, having walked for more than 18 hours from the south west tourist beaches to the summits of Gran Canaria. They promised to try again the following year, only this time starting on the famous beaches of Maspalomas, walking right over the highest point Pico de Las Nieves, to end at The British Club in the capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.  They were joined by resort managers from tour operator TUI, who also inspired all their reps that year to walk with them for the first 20km. They’ve been walking ever since.

Since that first event, tens of thousands of euros have been raised every year for this very worthy cause, and several other local causes as well, many large charity walks have sprung up across the island since, none bigger, nor more challenging than The Long Walk Gran Canaria.

When facing a challenge of this sort, a mountain over which you must walk, attitude is everything.  Mental preparation is as important as physical training, and for those who plan to overcome the challenge, the support of those around them is often a key factor in their success.  Welcome to one of the most epic adventures of your life. We look forward to sharing this beautiful experience with you, and to raising lots of funds for local charitable causes including Breast Cancer sufferers, families in need and we look forward to discovering and exploring this unique wilderness with you, as we walk Coast-to-Coast over the highest mountain on Gran Canaria.