Show How your Business Cares for Community

Who are the individuals, small businesses, organisations, venues and cooperatives that make everything happen?

Creative participation can come in many forms, from branding our support vehicle, to adding a logo to some t-shirts, we want business to directly sponsor walkers and teams and to help pay for accommodation.

We make sure that tens of thousands of people hear our message at the end of September and into October, and offer opportunities for video spots and other publicity building up to and during our main event every year.

Our sponsors also receive tangible advertising impressions of greater value than their agreed contribution to our event.


What do our sponsors get?
Branding. Branding. Branding!

Supporting a fundraising team that have been inspiring Gran Canaria for more than ten years through positive promotion of community action, particularly among the foreign resident community on the island.  Primary event sponsors are mentioned in all key communications.

The difference between the amount of exposure gifted to you is to thank you for the support you can offer our cause, what ever the amount we will ensure you get more than you would have had to pay for in terms of publicity and advertising for the year ahead.

Call for Corporate/Primary Event Sponsorship:

ALL Sponsors and supporters are invited to join us on Oct 1st to cheer the walkers in and take part in The Big Picture final photo

It’s a Win:Win:Win!

You get valuable exposure, we get to do something extraordinary
and together we help an entire community in need, assisting the most vulnerable.

Let’s Get Serious. 
The Business of Doing Good
IS Good Business.

Bronze – €100


  • A month’s worth of brand advertising on (value 150€)
  • Weekly social media posts on our groups and pages to reach more than 100,000 people every month.
  • A snazzy spinning logo spot using your branding and contact info, that will play out across our various social media channels and can be used for your own publicity and content.
  • Publicity reaching an estimated 250,000 people including infomercials and edutainment spots, not just for this event, but also in ongoing projects.
  • Your logo on our website, publicity web banners for the duration of the event and included where ever possible on all communications.

Every sponsor gets brand advertising and exposure that goes far beyond their marketing spend and this is compounded by its repeatability across all our various channels to reach an estimated 250,000 individuals throughout the course of our campaign.


Silver – €400


  • 3 Months Brand Advertising on as well as weekly brand adverts on our new platform
  • Video spot using your logo and contact info, posted across our platforms and appearing in live feeds with commemorative publicity, infomercials and edutainment spots across all our channels, also in support of our gala presentations and ongoing projects.
  • Prominent inclusion in posts, articles and other outreach to an estimated audience in excess of 250,000 people during the campaign.
  • Your logo on our website and all communications and the opportunity to supply extra merchandise for the various events and any press launch.

Every sponsor gets brand advertising and exposure that goes far beyond their marketing spend and is compounded by its repeatability across our various social media, web and publicity channels reaching an estimated 250,000 individuals. As a silver sponsor your advertising will extend on for at least three months after the event.


Gold – €1000

€1000/Season (6 months)

  • Regular mentions on social media and monthly articles in The Canary News for 6 months, as well as pride of place on all publicity for The Long Walk, including event posters and other publicity and branded t-shirts to help generate donations.
  • We aim to not only deliver the value of your sponsorship to you in marketing and publicity, but also to at least double the amount you contribute in donations to the charities we support.
  • Banner advertising on The Canary News site reaching a minimum 40,000 individuals every month for 6 months. (value 900€ @ 150€ per month)
  • Large brand logo on top line of the event banners and other promo materials
  • Video spot using your logo and contact info, used in support of our live feeds and our commemorative publicity, infomercials and edutainment spots across our channels, in support of our gala presentations moving forward and ongoing projects.
  • Large logo on our website and all press communication.
  • Invitation to collaborate on Press Launches and photo calls and merchandise along with opportunities to further capitalise on the campaign by hosting bespoke events.

Every sponsor gets brand advertising and exposure that goes far beyond their marketing spend and is compounded by its repeatability across all our various channels with an estimated reach of at least 250,000 individuals who Love Gran Canaria are interested and engaged in seeing the island flourish.


Platinum - Brand the entire event from €2,000


All of the benefits received by Gold Sponsors, however your brand name and logo will appear alongside the event name on all mentions and publicity:

“[Your Brand]” presents The Long Walk

We will make a mini docuvertisment about you and your business, along with various shorter video spots for you to use in future publicity and content channels

1 full year of advertising on, our premium curated news channel visited more than 100,000 times a month.

12 Sponsored articles, one per month, regarding your business and services, in the form of advertorial providing authoritative content linking to your products, pages and communications channels.

Pride of place ahead of all communications regarding the event and the charities we support and an invitation to join us at press launch, celebratory events and in the presentation of all monies raised, with exposure across various regional media, newspapers and possibly television.

If you want people to know that you do good work, this is the one for you.  Call us on 928 987 988 or contact directly on 676 196 888


Alternative sponsorship options:

And we are open to any creative alternative sponsorship options! Our goal is to raise as much as possible and help our sponsors reach as many people as they can.

Your sponsorship means that we can say 100% of all public donations go straight to the charitable endeavours we support.  And we aim to at least double the value of any financial sponsorship you offer

If you would like to find out more please call +34 928 987 988

Every Primary Sponsor is officially named and publicised for enabling the event and our ongoing projects.
We will provide advertising and other publicity valued at well in excess of the amount contributed, providing return value for you and your brand.

This is more than a simple donation to more than a decade of charitable enterprise, this is an investment into the island community and your own philanthropic reputation, for which you will receive significant benefit, all while directly helping Women & Families, Fighters & Survivors on Gran Canaria.

The One Day Challenge – Day 1

has orientation towards Las Palmas de Gran Canaria based businesses and those wishing to reach people there, with participation expected from local technology companies, work hubs and digital nomads and prestigious schools among other groups.  Messaging regards historical origins of the city and The Long Walk challenge travelling one of the most historically important routes on the island to the market town of San Mateo

Over The Top – Day 2

focuses on the wild beauty of the mountainous interior of Gran Canaria, passing some of the most epic and best known volcanic landscapes and landmarks on the island, including the victorious arrival on the highest summit of Gran Canaria, Pico de Las Nieves

The Long Walk Home – Day 3

travels across the wild heartlands of the southern mountains, where we will be joined for The Last Leg to the coast, meeting supporters and cheerleaders to travel the last mile, in triumph, for sunset at Playa Las Marañueles.

The Final Act of the event will be The Big Picture, an image of solidarity looking out to the Atlantic ocean, solidifying our message that together #WeCrossMountains

All of these moments are priceless branding opportunities as we raise funds and awareness for community causes here on
Gran Canaria

Join us on Oct 1st (with your branding) to take part in The Big Picture, final photo of the event