This is the minimum sponsorship required to pay to register a walker, it is not a donation, but pays for the logistics, organisation, support car and insurance, along with any other necessary costs, to facilitate your participation in The Long Walk.  Some people pay it from their own pockets, others find a private sponsor, individual or organisation, who will cover their costs, thereby facilitating them as fundraiser for The Long Walk.

Once registered, please send a copy of your receipt to, and we ask you to tell as many of your friends, family, and colleagues as you can about the epic undertaking you have just signed up for.  We will set you up with a donations target, along with an official donations page, for you to tell the world what you are about to do.  You can also add to your ability to collect support donations by setting up a facebook fundraiser

It would be amazing if you could raise more than your target.

Select which walk you are paying for: