Celina – Supporting The Long Walk 2019 – Playa de San Felipe – Maspalomas, over the highest mountain…

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Celina Vandeweghe is one of those legendary, highly practical, can-do types one finds produced in few places beyond the lowlands of northern Europe. A belgian chocolate-drop of delight and wisdom Celina is always looking for ways to make The Long Walk more challenging for herself, sometimes walking over the mountain with a complete set of cutlery, kitchen utensils and her kitchen sink, all packed so ingeniously into her rucksack that it is rumoured swiss army knife makers the world over offer large rewards for information about her methods of folding and secreting, while her load carrying abilities are simply second to none.

We are all in awe of her tenacity and revere her name as one of the veteran Goddesses of The Long Walk. This year will be her 6th time walking over the mountain with us, please support her efforts by making a donation and sharing this page…

The walk is not as tough as cancer itself


People should be more aware of the people around them who are dealing with it. They don’t need the support only in the beginning but through the whole process. In the beginning people ask how you are but after a while they stop asking.


And of course this year is extra special because someone close to us is fighting it”



Kim Benjamins

October 11



Nelson Rodriguez Suarez

September 22



Leona Allen

September 22



Martijn van Kleef

September 22

Good luck Celina! I’m proud of you!



Rita Croes

September 22