Edward Timon – The Long Walk 2021 Faro de Maspalomas – Gáldar, over the highest peak on Gran Canaria… #WeCrossMountains

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Pretty passionate about The Long Walk.  Saved my life more than once, introduced me to some of the most inspirational, excellent people and ideas I am ever likely to encounter.

A wide range of extraordinary individuals and institutions work to make sure this happens every year.

The Long Walk – Gran Canaria aims to show that no matter the size of the challenge ahead of us, by working together, one step at a time, we can all cross mountains. #WeCrossMountains

We raise funds and awareness to assist families, groups and individuals on Gran Canaria facing potentially terminal illnesses, like Canarian Breast Cancer Association ACCM (Asociación Canaria de Cáncer de Mama y Ginecológico), environmental organisations helping to protect our island, such as Fundación FORESTA, and those dealing directly with poverty in our community, such as https://TheFoodProject.es Proyecto Vecinal de Alimentos de Mogán Nabohjelpen among others.

The Long Walk 2021 will start Day 1 by the famous Faro de Maspalomas lighthouse, and head north along The Pilgrims’ Way, the only officially recognised stretch of the Camino de Santiago (Ruta Jacobea) outside of mainland Europe. We will travel from the Dunes of Maspalomas, up through the Fataga valley to Tunte, where we will stay the night, and on Day 2 complete our ascent with a traditional toast at the highest summit on the island following a small detour from the trail, up to Pico de Las Nieves. Walking across Las Cumbres (The Summits) stopping another night at Cruz de Tejeda. Day 3 will begin with a visit to The Long Walk Woodland Reserve, before our descent, through the northern mountain pine forests, into the ancient pre-hispanic island capital, the royal city of Gáldar, and end on the north coast around sunset.

I am deeply humbled that you´re all going to let me do another one…

It all began…at THE PUB”

Some of the wonderful people who support The Long Walk:

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Facebook Fundraiser

€387.00 September 22, 2021

There is still time to share and support

Really looking forward to our tenth epic coast-to-coast

Anonymous User

Karen Floyd

€50.00 September 6, 2021

Amazing work guys!!

Anonymous User

Bjorn Myrvold

€50.00 September 21, 2020

Best wishes.

Anonymous User

Julie Dass

€5.00 September 16, 2020

Every little helps. Good luck ? everyone

Anonymous User

Ken Timon Hill

€50.00 September 16, 2020

Good luck Eddie sorry I can’t be there with you guys this year! ❤️

Anonymous User

Francine Berger

€100.00 September 14, 2020
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Philomena Martina Timon

€50.00 September 14, 2020

The Long Walk Past Sponsors and Donors:
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THE PUB - Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria Sarah Bibby

€2,130.00 October 10, 2021

This is from the kind generosity of the patrons at The Pub, Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, who held their fifth annual coffee morning in… Read more

This is from the kind generosity of the patrons at The Pub, Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, who held their fifth annual coffee morning in support of The Long Walk charities on Oct 1, celebrating 10 years of collaboration with The Canary News and the English speaking community on the south of Gran Canaria

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€50.00 October 8, 2021

Gracias papas!

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SUP Club la Misteriosa

€20.00 October 8, 2021
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JustGiving Total

€1,116.00 October 6, 2021

Matt A
Matt AOct 5, 2021
Huge well done to you and everyone who took part this year. Another great achievement for a very… Read more

Matt A
Matt AOct 5, 2021
Huge well done to you and everyone who took part this year. Another great achievement for a very worthy cause. Congrats x


Rob Lomax
Rob LomaxOct 4, 2021
Well done mate another great achievement👏👏


Robert Budd
Robert BuddOct 4, 2021
Well done Paul .............................


Vicky & Elise
Vicky & EliseOct 3, 2021
Well done on accomplishing another Long Walk. You’ve done so well! Xx


Jimmy Fay
Jimmy FayOct 3, 2021
Such an achievement!! Well done


Graham kinchington
Graham kinchingtonOct 3, 2021
Congratulations on another fantastic fundraising walk.


Hayley Lewis
Hayley LewisOct 3, 2021
Great effort Paul, as always. Fabulous cause, keepnuonthe good work and good luck with the walk. Lots of love x


Andy Mackay
Andy MackayOct 2, 2021
Good luck tomorrow!


KevOct 2, 2021
Keep going..


Shaun Daly
Shaun DalyOct 2, 2021
It's a great thing you are doing.... Keep going👍🏻


Pete Hutchinson
Pete HutchinsonOct 2, 2021
Sarah t
Sarah tOct 2, 2021
Good luck guys


Matt Hobbs
Matt HobbsOct 2, 2021
Good luck Paul and team!


Craig & Eloy
Craig & EloyOct 2, 2021
Keep up the hard work mush


Sophie Cooper
Sophie CooperOct 2, 2021
Good job lads, you'll smash it as you do every year!♡


TammieOct 1, 2021


AnonymousOct 1, 2021
Complaining about the heat!!!... = made me feel guilty now 🤣 Doin well there.. Keep goin.


Sean& Paula
Sean& PaulaOct 1, 2021
Good luck - looking forward to seeing you in 6 weeks time


Mike & Eva
Mike & EvaOct 1, 2021
To a great man and great cause! To you and all the team, well done again and wish you all the best for the rest of the journey 🍺


Dawn Fisher
Dawn FisherOct 1, 2021
Best of luck to you all


AnonymousOct 1, 2021

Vodka Redbill
Vodka RedbillOct 1, 2021
Paul Gilliam salt of the earth , true gentleman , top man , shit football team ( ha ha ) all the best gaffa BLUE ARMY

Janet Holroyd
Janet HolroydOct 1, 2021
Fantastic effort as always!! Well done xx


Yen + Ross
Yen + RossOct 1, 2021
Good luck on the walk mate.


Steven Cain
Steven CainOct 1, 2021

TashaSep 30, 2021
Good luck Paul and everyone else, I’m sure you will smash it as always!! Xxx


CharlotteSep 30, 2021
Good luck to you all!☺️


Silly Simon
Silly SimonSep 30, 2021

Tony Daly
Tony DalySep 30, 2021
Good luck on your walk. I hope you make plenty of money for this great cause.


SteffSep 29, 2021
Good luck and great work! Enjoy x


Vaughan Taylor
Vaughan TaylorSep 29, 2021
Good luck Paul. Excellent work my friend 👍


OutiSep 29, 2021
Good luck Paul!


JulieSep 28, 2021
Good luck on the walk Paul!


AnonymousSep 26, 2021
Good luck Paul 😀

Mike Colbourne
Mike ColbourneSep 26, 2021
All the best to you and all the long walkers


Mark Nevison
Mark NevisonSep 26, 2021
Good luck son. Me and Mark Hill are looking forward to your posts 😁


Rebecca Håkansson
Rebecca HåkanssonSep 25, 2021
Hopefully next year I can join the walk! 😊


Mother Nature
Mother NatureSep 22, 2021
Keep up the great work you’re doing Paul love you lots x


Laura & Mike T
Laura & Mike TSep 21, 2021
Good luck!


PontusSep 21, 2021
Fantastic initiative year after year! Keep it up mate and well done


DeanoSep 21, 2021
Great effort yet again mate⚒


Peter, Bryony and Albert
Peter, Bryony and AlbertSep 21, 2021
Great stuff mate 💪🏽


SarahSep 21, 2021
Sure you will mash it as always 😎x


GillianSep 21, 2021
Keep up the great work x

SallySep 21, 2021
Hope it all goes well xxxx


NickSep 20, 2021
Amazing as always, Great work and best of luck 😃


Nick Jacobs
Nick JacobsSep 19, 2021
Great work mate.


David Berry
David BerrySep 19, 2021


AnonymousSep 18, 2021

BasherSep 18, 2021
Donated - Please donate! Paul doing great charity work year in year out 🙌🏼❤️

Steve Jones
Steve JonesSep 18, 2021
Good luck matey, hope to come over for a beer soon


Maz Mort
Maz MortSep 18, 2021

Paul Taylor
Paul TaylorSep 18, 2021
Good luck


Tim Pompey skate
Tim Pompey skateSep 18, 2021
MeganSep 18, 2021
Ali R
Ali RSep 18, 2021
Best of luck!


Maria Herrera
Maria HerreraSep 17, 2021
Good luck and wish you all well xx


NathalieSep 16, 2021
Enjoy your walk


ChloeSep 14, 2021
Enjoy yourself FF ❤️


Sue Darbyshire
Sue DarbyshireSep 14, 2021

AnonymousSep 13, 2021

Matt Rayns
Matt RaynsSep 13, 2021
Arriba D'ellos. Pío Pío


Mark Hill
Mark HillSep 12, 2021
Good luck, might be a big ask but if it's possible keep us all update on your progress through video updates 😊😊🤔🤔🤣🤣


Paul Tongs
Paul TongsSep 12, 2021
Good luck Paul and team. Great work as always!!


RachnaSep 11, 2021
Keep up the great work!


Pat and John
Pat and JohnSep 10, 2021
Good luck Paul


AnonymousSep 10, 2021

Nikki B
Nikki BSep 1, 2021
Good luck as always to you and all involved Paul 👍👍


AnonymousAug 29, 2021
Gemma & Kerrie
Gemma & KerrieAug 29, 2021
Good luck Paul & Team! Amazing efforts year after year ❤️


Paul Gilliam

Anonymous User

Charlotte Harvey

€5.00 October 6, 2021

Well done. Good. Luck. For an amazing cause

Anonymous User


€617.00 October 6, 2021

From Fun(D)raiser 27th sept

Anonymous User


€15.00 October 5, 2021
Anonymous User

Neil Williams

€15.00 October 5, 2021
Anonymous User

Daniel Dixon

€100.00 October 5, 2021

Wonderful cause. Love you Cindy.

Anonymous User

Matthew Demwell

€50.00 October 4, 2021
Anonymous User

Jenny Johnston

€10.00 October 4, 2021
Anonymous User

Lorraine McKellen Clark

€10.00 October 4, 2021