Edward Timon – The Long Walk 2021 Faro de Maspalomas – Gáldar, over the highest peak on Gran Canaria… #WeCrossMountains

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“Gis yer dosh!  Help me raise a mountain of love we can all clamber over in whimsical frolic!  Or at the very least help me pass the word on, share the tits off this will you?”

BUY A Solidarity T-Shirt HERE  & register for one of the three walks we are supporting this year

Pretty passionate about The Long Walk.  Saved my life more than once, introduced me to some of the most inspirational, excellent people and ideas I am ever likely to encounter.

A wide range of extraordinary individuals and institutions work to make sure this happens every year.

I am deeply humbled that you´re all going to let me do another one…

It all began…at THE PUB”

Some of the wonderful people who support The Long Walk:

Anonymous User

Bjorn Myrvold

€50.00 September 21, 2020

Best wishes.

Anonymous User

Julie Dass

€5.00 September 16, 2020

Every little helps. Good luck ? everyone

Anonymous User

Ken Timon Hill

€50.00 September 16, 2020

Good luck Eddie sorry I can’t be there with you guys this year! ❤️

Anonymous User

Francine Berger

€100.00 September 14, 2020
Anonymous User

Philomena Martina Timon

€50.00 September 14, 2020
The Long Walk Past Sponsors and Donors:
Anonymous User

Edward Timon

€1.00 July 20, 2021
Anonymous User


€10.00 October 2, 2020

Congratulations Mari!!!!

Anonymous User

Jane Skelton

€1,000.00 September 30, 2020

Dear Donkey, just a little support from a old Cambs friend, keep up the good work Ed,
Love from Jane

Anonymous User

Sari Helenius

€20.00 September 28, 2020

Fantástica! Una labor increíble ?

Anonymous User

Stephanie Tuckett

€10.00 September 28, 2020

Well done! A great cause!

Anonymous User

Bijal Unalkat

€5.00 September 27, 2020

Amazing! Bijal 🙂

Anonymous User

Lucy Hayman-Hart

€5.00 September 27, 2020

Well done guys! Amazing! Xx

Anonymous User

Sabrina Eldridge

€10.00 September 27, 2020

Hope the walk is going well, and no one has fallen over! Big loves to all the Long Walkers and support team! Wishing you all a speedy… Read more

Hope the walk is going well, and no one has fallen over! Big loves to all the Long Walkers and support team! Wishing you all a speedy recovery xxxx

Anonymous User

Cornelia Christiansen

€10.00 September 27, 2020

?? for an amazing cause Mari!!

Anonymous User

Karen Thomas

€10.00 September 27, 2020

This is amazing guys!! You’re smashing it! Last push today!!!

Anonymous User

Rebecca Jackson

€10.00 September 27, 2020

Good luck on your last day, you’ll smash it xx

Anonymous User

Linda Lewis

€5.00 September 27, 2020

Your doing amazing