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Primary Sponsorship to Register a Walker

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Más Info en Español:

More Info in English?

We ask you to remember that this is a volunteer’s walk, where problems get solved along the way. 

We ask that you ensure you have fully paid your subscription no later than September 10 2021 (200€ – which can be collected as direct primary sponsorship to facilitate your walk) as this is how we pay for accommodation, food, insurance, support vehicles and organisation of the event. 

We also ask that you tell as many people as you can, encouraging them to donate generously in exchange for the great challenge you are about to undertake.

Though we can guarantee you will have fun, we can also promise that this will hurt! 

We will ask you to sign a waiver.

Clothing and footwear
We recommend comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear to participate on ‘The Long Walk’. Weather changes can alter the temperatures dramatically so be prepared with sufficient clothes, sun protection etc  We recommend at least one waterproof jacket, a change of socks, and perhaps a fleece or similar for when traveling cross country at altitude.

Accommodation : We will stay the first night in Tunte (San Bartolomé de Tirajana)

Rural Suite 

The space: on an internal patio, there is a Wine & Food cellar and also an inside courtyard where we will enjoy barbecue on Friday evening.

Accommodation : We will stay the second night in Tejeda:
A magical place surrounded by sacred mountains: Roque Nublo, Bentayga and in the background looking towards the horizon where the sun sets, you can see the silhouette of the Teide, the highest mountain in Spain, which looms over the neighbouring island of Tenerife.

Water & Food
We have a support vehicle to carry extra provisions and all your gear which will be available during pit stops and breaks along the route. While walking you will need to carry your own water, food and snacks.

You need to be prepared to walk at least 8-10 hours a day during The Long Walk, so make sure you know your own health and capabilities before joining. It is advisable to consult your doctor before undertaking such a long walk through the wilderness of Gran Canaria.  Please, remember that we are using walking tracks and some of the routes are hours away from main roads or any towns or villages.

You should be over 18 years old, although we will consider family groups, so long as adequately prepared.

Basic insurance is included. In case you need additional insurance, please ask your usual insurance supplier.

We respect and appreciate our island and its beautiful natural environment, so we do not leave any rubbish behind and if possible we collect any we find along the way. 

Smoking policy
It is your choice, but we ask you not to smoke while walking as a preventive measure against fire and it is prohibited to leave any cigarette stubs behind anywhere!  Do not leave any rubbish whatsoever!